Sharon's Classes:

Class at the railyard Apothecary

270 Battery Street, Burlington, VT

Tuesdays  5:15-6:15 

This class is for all levels of ability, from beginner through advanced. 

​Come join us!

10-class card       170.00

    5-class card      87.50     

Single class      18.00


Therapeutic Pilates

For those with little exposure to pilates who want to learn the method in a fun, supportive setting. Rehabilitative for those with back pain, knee pain, shoulder or neck issues.  

Thursdays 5:45-7:15

Session 1  (6 weeks) - March 7- April 11

Session 2  (6 weeks) - April 24- May29

Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga

20 Kilburn St, Burlington




In a private session, Sharon will talk with you about your personal goals, and you'll receive a postural analysis. Your personalized w-out will be designed  specifically for you. You'll take home a worksheet with the exercises outlined for you

Three sessions are recommended to allow for a more thorough understanding of your exercise routine. 

Call or email for more info or to book your session.

Pilates Matwork Vermont

Meet our Employees

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Jill Sawyer


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